1. trailer mix
    Here’s the Trailer for 21 Bridges, the Russo Brothers’ First Post-Avengers Movie If you are the directing duo known for MCU films, you steer clear of caped crusaders in your new movie, but you still cast Chadwick Boseman.
  2. now streaming
    The 100 Best TV Shows on Netflix Right Now Mad Men, The Crown, Friends, and more.
  3. big little guys
    Who Is the Best Big Little Lies Husband? Husbands — a liability!
  4. surprise releases
    Hulu Released Its Veronica Mars Revival a Week Early Surprise, Marshmallows!
  5. aging gracefully
    How Accurate Are These Celebrity FaceApp Photos? We Put 14 to the Test You are not ready for Keith Richards.
  6. movie review
    Practice The Art of Self-Defense Against This Movie Riley Stearns’s anti-macho black comedy is cringeworthy in a good way, and hilarious in a not-good way.
  7. follow friday
    Irene Morales’s Therapist Doesn’t Like Her Jokes Talking tweets with the New York–based comedian and writer.
  8. surprise bitch!
    Michael Myers Lives! Jamie Lee Curtis Announces Two Upcoming Halloween Sequels Turns out there’s a trilogy afoot!
  9. close reads
    Stranger Things 3 Is Basically One Big Back to the Future Homage What the many allusions to the 1985 blockbuster tell us about this season — and what hints they might provide about the series’ future.
  10. beyonce presents: the lion king
    Blue Ivy’s Vocals and 5 Other Standout Moments From Beyoncé’s The Gift Still crying from “Brown Skin Girl.”
  11. vulture lists
    Every Episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Ranked Including the latest season, featuring Eddie Murphy, Ricky Gervais, Martin Short, and more.
  12. songs of the week
    The Best New Songs of the Week: Beyoncé, Wilco, Vivian Girls, and More Listen to them all.
  13. beyonce presents: the lion king
    Beyoncé Releases ‘Spirit’ and ‘Bigger’ Extended Music Video With so many colorful looks.
  14. beyoncé presents: the lion king
    Beyoncé Is in The Lion King for About 20 Minutes. Here’s Everything She Does. Your bush-baby brain will crumble every time Nala’s lines even vaguely come off like a song lyric.
  15. sdcc 2019
    Here Are All the Trailers From San Diego Comic-Con 2019 Including It Chapter Two.
  16. beyonce presents: the lion king
    An Ode to ‘MOOD 4 EVA,’ the Best Song on Beyoncé’s New Lion King Album Beyoncé’s hardest bar, her greatest line, her sickest burn, is just her reciting her government name.
  17. The 13 Most Withering Insults on ‘Big Little Lies’ Oh no she didn’t. video
  18. burning qs
    So, What Is Cats About? We’re glad you asked.
  19. this week in late night
    New Lows for Trump Brought Out New Lows in Late-Night Comedy Except for Desus & Mero.
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